Frequently Asked Questions

How long do soy candles last?

On average a soy candle should last 7-8 hours per ounce.


What are the benefits of soy vs. standard wax candles?

Soy wax is derived from soy beans which are grown inside the United States. Soy wax is composed of all natural products meaning they are toxin free, clean burning, and less likely to trigger allergies in people or animals. Soy wax is also easily cleaned up with soap and water. Standard candles are generally made with parrafin oil based waxes which is acquired from overseas. They contain harmful chemicals and carcionogen's that put off toxic fumes that contain cancer causing agents. When you purchase a soy candle not only are you making a healthier choice for yourself, your family, and your animals but you are supporting the US Economy.


What kind of wicks do you use in candles?

BarneStar uses ECO wicks in our 8oz. square mason jar candles as well as our tealights. The ECO series is a flat, core-less cotton wick braided with thin paper filaments interwoven for burn stability. This braiding technique also greatly improves rigidity compared to standard cotton and paper core wicks. The specially treated paper threads provide a controlled curling of the wick making the ECO series self-trimming, which results in minimized mushrooming, soot, and smoke. They have been designed to specifically reduce the "afterglow" and smoke often seen in paper cored wicks. An important difference to note is that these wicks have been primed with vegetable wax rather than paraffin wax.


I have had candles before that don't hold their scents or I can't smell them at all. Will I have that problem with your product?

The BarneStar mother daughter team has tested each and every product they make before distribution ensuring you receive a quality handmade product. If you have come across a candle that you find has a problem holding the scent it can mean a few different things. The maker may have added the fragrance oil while the wax was too hot virtually burning away the scent. It could mean the fragrance oil was not mixed in properly before the candle was poured or the candle maker did not add enough fragrance oil in or added too much. Different types of waxes contain different fragrance oil capacities. It is also important to realize not all fragrance oils are compatible with all types of wax. The last possible scenario may be you are not able to smell that fragrance. A candle or tart should always be stronger when it is burning or melting then when you initially smell it. You can try lighting the candle or warming the tart and leaving the room for 15+ minutes and walking back in to reset your senses.


How long do your car fresheners last?

To throw a strong scent 2 things are needed - draft & heat. It is likely you will find these products to be stronger in the warmer months. In either case the product should last you approximately 2+ weeks. It is possible if you have your car freshener in a vehicle you use frequently you can become neutralized to it and no longer notice the scent. Remember if your smelly jelly starts to lose it's scent you can put it in your warmer for one last 'kick' of fragrance.


I don't an option for international shipping, can I still place an order if I live outside of the United States?

Please email us at barnestarcandle@yahoo.com for international orders. 


For orders over 10 pounds, please send us an email at barnestarcandle@yahoo.com for a customized shipping estimate.