About Us

BarneStar Candle was started by Mom (Natalie) and Daughter (Lauren) first as a hobby in Mom's kitchen in Southwest Austin. We had so much fun doing it and orders started rolling in more frequently we decided to make it our new part time passion. The rest of the family couldn't let us have all the fun so son and younger brother Nick started doing all the graphic design for our labels and photos - he even designed our logo. Other son and brother Zach built our website for us and third but not last brother is Jake who is always there to help us load and unload for shows and lend a helping hand wherever needed. Dad (Paul) is our third business partner and the money manager. He is also there to help us when things get crazy. BarneStar Candle Company truly is a family business. When you receive one of our products you can be sure it was hand made for you by Lauren or Natalie in their own kitchen from their hearts to your home.