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Lauren Barnes

Did you know we do customs? That's right. Some of our most favorite creations have been custom orders. 

Most of our customers love BarneStar not only for the fragrances, quality, product variety..ok, ok I know I could go on and on but the largest thing we hear we're loved for is our 'look'. You know what I mean here, the square jar, rustic lid, country/primitive fabric that all together create a small town, country feeling. You don't have to lose that with customs. We can change everything from the fabric, the fragrance names to the label design. These personalizations add just enough unique charm without losing what you love the most about our branding.

Take a look at some of our favorite custom creations - 

Southern Trends in Bellville Texas was looking for something with edge, something unique, something special that proudly displayed the brand they have built. Together we created the perfect custom. We changed up the fabric, integrated their logo and poured up a custom fragrance outside of our regular line. These were a blast and they turned out beautifully.

Another one of our favorite customs were the 'Cason Dean' candles. As you might guess, these were for a baby shower. The grey chevron fabric matched the nursery perfectly. The tags were custom cut by us, eyelets inserted and we hand stamped the sweet baby boys name for a special added touch.


This custom was created for a family reunion. The client sent us the family crest and colors and we put something together for him that we thought all generations and genders would love. Everyone went home with a BarneStar Candle, and this was no small affair. We were proud to create something so personal for The Castilleja Family.

We'll leave you on a sweet note with these custom wedding candles. This wedding was out in the heart of the hill country in Dripping Springs, Texas. Mom was looking for something special for her daughters big day and they were still in need of guest gifts for the wedding. We created a love story on one little label. You + Me = Forever. Displaying their married names, wedding date, and a sweet little 'happily ever after.' We hope the guests loved them as much as we did.

Thank you to all our clients whether your customs were personal or for business, it is always an honor to be able to create something so personal for you.


If you're interested in customs email us at BarneStarCandle@yahoo.com for more information or a quote.

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